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At First Choice Constable Service, all of our Massachusetts Constables are Fully Bonded and Insured. We take pride in every service that we do and go the extra mile to insure that our clients are fully satisfied with every service we make. 

Probate and Family Court

-Domestic Relation Summons

-Divorce/Separate Support Summons

-Motions of all types

-Complaint for modification- all types

-Contempt Summons

-capias warrants

-Background and Skip Traces

Any and All Probate and Family Court papers are served Personally by our Constables. We also accept all waiver services and emergency services. (Emergency Services are subject to a small additional charge). Our Constables can serve any and all Probate and Family Court documents throughout Massachusetts.

Housing Court

-14-Day Notice to Quit                                      -No Trespass Notice

-30 Day Notice to Quit                                      -Background and Skip Traces

-Summary Process (Eviction) and Complaint

-48-Hour Execution of Judgement

-Execution on money Judgement

-Notice of Next Event

-Temporary Restraining Orders

-Capias warrants

Our Massachusetts Constables serve all of Bristol and Plymouth County Housing Court Documents. These documents are either served in hand or last and usual abode. When served last and usual abode a copy of said document is mailed to the individual being served to insure service has been made. We provide an extensive Eviction Report including pictures with all Evictions ending in Removal of Tenant.

District Court

-Notice of Next Event

-Execution on judgement

-Notice to Show Cause


-Capias warrants

-Property Seizures

-Background and Skip Traces

Additional Services

-Security Detail/ Protective Services

-We proudly accept Any and All waiver form payments

-Now offering Property Management Services

-Any and all Property Seizures

-Any and all Subpoenas

Our Constables can serve all District Court Documents throughout the state of Massachusetts. However, any  Judgement over $7,000.00 will require a Rule 4-C. 

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