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Our Services

Probate and Family Court 
Domestic Relations Summons- Throughout Massachusetts 
Divorce/Separate Support Summons-Throughout Massachusetts 
Child Support and visitation- Throughout Massachusetts
Request for Modification- Throughout Massachusetts
Motions- Throughout Massachusetts
Paternity- Throughout Massachusetts
Contempt Summons- Throughout Massachusetts
Guardianship-  Throughout Massachusetts
Capias Arrest Warrants- Throughout Massachusetts
Housing Court
14-Day Notice to Quit- Throughout Bristol County
30-Day Notice to Quit- Throughout Bristol County
Summary Process and Complaint- Throughout Bristol County
48 Hour Execution Notice- Throughout Bristol County
Capias Arrest Warrants- Throughout Massachusetts
Subpoenas- Throughout Massachusetts
Temporary Restraining Orders- Throughout Bristol County
Background checks
District Court
Capias Arrest Warrants- Throughout Massachusetts
Levy's Seizure- Throughout Massachusetts
Notice of Next Event- Throughout Massachusetts
Subpoenas- Throughout Massachusetts
Summons- Throughout Massachusetts with a rule 4C
Complaints- Throughout Massachusetts with a rule 4C 
Superior and Federal Court
Subpoenas- Throughout Massachusetts
Summons- Throughout Massachusetts
Complaints- Throughout Massachusetts
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