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We want to make evictions easier for you. Here you can fill in all of the information needed to serve a notice to quit. Be sure to enter in all tenants over the age of 18 in the residence. There is no extra fee if there is more than one adult living at the residence. We are hoping this form will save you time and prevent errors on notices due to misspellings etc. However, if you would rather speak directly to us we will be available durning business hours 6 days a week to do so. After filling in the information you can click on the payment button to the right with the city the tenant resides in. We serve all of Bristol County and Plymouth County. If the city is not listed you will recieve a link to your email. We except most forms of payment so if you do not wish to pay by credit or debit please specify this in the comments section and we will contact you to discuss other payment options. Your notice will be served within one business day from the time we recieve the information. Please be sure to enter in a phone number to be reached at so we can notify you as soon as your notice has been served. If by any chance it has been longer than the expected wait time and you have not heard from us please contact us.  A notice to quit can be served at the residence whether the tenant is home or not. If the tenant is not home a copy will be left at the residence and another will be mailed to them. There is no extra charge for this service, it will be incorporated in the price of the notice to quit. If the Tenant does not owe any back rent and you would like them to leave for any other reason then please notify us in the comments section. In this case you will have to have the tenant served with a 30 day notice to quit. A 30 day notice to quit goes from rental period to rental period (example: if the notice is served on Sept.15th the tenant will have until Nov, 1st to vaccate the property, if the notice is served on Oct. 1st they will have until Nov. 1st to leave). If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us so we can explain. An eviction can be a very stressful, pricey and long process. We always want you to understand every part of it before we proceed. Thank You for Choosing First Choice Constable Service.

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